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January 2020 Newsletter

Friends, Gospel for Haiti set out recently on an evangelism outreach to Penkwa, Aneke, Demargue, and Massaide. It was the first of four parts. We seek to see “2020!” people discipled significantly for the Lord during these times! During this trip, 25 total were saved, many made commitments for baptism, many rededicated to the Lord,…

Jan 4 3

Bringing encouragement and the Good News

Gospel for Haiti (and its faithful supporters!!) was able to help one little country church, who would have absolutely no way to EVER come up with the funds for it, to be able to purchase some tin for the roof of their place of worship. The people responded with such gratitude and joy, and it…

Jan 4

Joy in the life of Jesus

After a seeming disappointment in the village of Aneke with a distraction of a near-by soccer game, things turned around with another large crowd coming to hear the evangelism outreach. This time approximately 200 people were there, and they were so very thankful for the team coming to share. There was music and worship, the…

Dec 13

Thank you to all those who were a part of Giving Tuesday!

Thank you to all those who were a part of Giving Tuesday! We were able to fix 3 motorcycles belonging to pastors who very much needed help. I’m so glad God put it on your heart to give. Gospel for Haiti is working with different pastors, people, and kids daily to make Haiti a better…

Dec 3

The fields are white unto harvest!

Last week, four of us went out and did some scouting for some possible outreach locations in Haiti for the first week in January. We found a community several miles out in the middle of nowhere (only one way in and out). Along the way were many villages that were hungry for the preaching of…

Giving Tuesday 2019 bigger

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is here! We will be raising money for transportation for pastors in Haiti seeking to accomplish their jobs of ministry, helping their church members, caring for their communities, and saving time by riding to the next needed location rather than walking. The money that’s donated today will be used to repair motorcycles for…

Nov 25 2

Scouting for 2020!

We are back and man are we dirty! We passed out a lot of tracts, met some fine people, prayed for many, and found some great places to visit and evangelize in January.       This associate pastor and family are getting a smooth concrete floor. Praise God and thank you Gospel for Haiti…

2020 Evangelism calendar for January month-long trek (tiny) featured image

2020 in Haiti

In January, Gospel for Haiti is planning on being prayed up and going into the countryside and mountains of Haiti for one month. We will evangelize everyday for 31 days and as God leads. We are planning on traveling on back paths to some of the most difficult places to reach in Haiti, all with…

Ear better cropped

“He Who Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear…” Mark 4:9

We met this little girl on a previous trip and asked for prayer for the nearly total blockage in her ear — for wisdom for doctors, for provision, for healing.   Well, thanks to some skillful doctors, some caring donors, and the Lord’s providential healing hand, that blockage is now gone! We sure appreciate what…

Sept 13

Evangelism Outreach

People are starting to come. They will continue to come until it is done. Pray for the salvation of souls. God is already at work!