Spread the Love of Jesus in Haiti

Gospel for Haiti exists to serve the Lord through sharing the Gospel, providing Bibles, and strengthening churches in Haiti and the uttermost parts of the world.


Our Focus Areas

At Gospel for Haiti, we have three core areas of focus that we utilize to reach the lost and grow the church: evangelism, discipleship, and local support.


First, our core focus is on evangelism. That is, preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost people of Haiti.


Second, we believe in discipleship for the new believer and the growing church.

Local Support

Third, we provide ongoing local support through child sponsorship, church building, church mentorship, and basic health needs.

Stories from Haiti

Thank you to all those who were a part of Giving Tuesday!

By GFH | December 13, 2019

Thank you to all those who were a part of Giving Tuesday! We were able to fix 3 motorcycles belonging to pastors who very much needed help. I’m so glad God put it on your heart to give. Gospel for Haiti is working with different pastors, people, and kids daily to make Haiti a better …

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The fields are white unto harvest!

By GFH | December 3, 2019

Last week, four of us went out and did some scouting for some possible outreach locations in Haiti for the first week in January. We found a community several miles out in the middle of nowhere (only one way in and out). Along the way were many villages that were hungry for the preaching of …

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Giving Tuesday

By Christina Tonsing | December 3, 2019

Giving Tuesday is here! We will be raising money for transportation for pastors in Haiti seeking to accomplish their jobs of ministry, helping their church members, caring for their communities, and saving time by riding to the next needed location rather than walking. The money that’s donated today will be used to repair motorcycles for …

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Our Vision

Gospel for Haiti wants to see people saved, discipled, and become servants of the Lord, making more disciples to the glory of God!

Spread the Love of Jesus

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Equip the Church

We provide ongoing support to the people in the surrounding areas of Pignon, Haiti. We do so through various church planting and building projects and providing support to the local community through food, medical, and other basic support.

How we reach the lost

We travel to the back woods.  We go where people are cut off from the world.  It is here, in the remote villages of Haiti, where we travel to spread the gospel.  Our outreach shows the Jesus Film to 100 - 450 people at a time.  If there is not a church in the area, we seek to start a fellowship of meeting believers there.


Our discipleship focus has two parts: church planting and church growth.   We currently work with six pastors of churches across the area.  We believe that we must train, equip, and send pastors to reach the local population. 

Child Sponsorships

Because of the love of our Savior and His desire to give hope to those who need it, we are called to assist the poor with action, in practical ways. One practical way is to help the many children in Savanne Tabac, Haiti, be able to attend school.
Currently, we are not taking additional child sponsors.  This option will become available in the future. 


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