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About Gospel For Haiti

Our Family

Darrell, Christina, Josiah and Micah, Tonsing

Darrell’s calling is that of an evangelist.  He loves to see people know about the truth or have them reintroduced to truths they have walked away from.  He loves talking to people about the important things of life. we all love to pray for people in Haiti and see God do seemingly impossible things in their lives!

Christina is a server and helper. Plug her into a certain area that takes care of people, and she lights up.   She does the behind the scenes ministry for Gospel for Haiti and stays busy with all the work that the child sponsorships entail. 

Micah is our compassionate-hearted one, though a strong leader and personality. There is a tenderness that is in him that is of God.  He also has a strong sense of justice!

Josiah is our prepared one.  He is ready to meet the needs of people around him by being prepared. He is a great leader and encourages people in the right way. 

Gospel for Haiti About


Gospel for Haiti exists to serve the Lord through sharing the Gospel, providing Bibles, and strengthening churches in Haiti and the uttermost parts of the world.


Our Story

When we first felt the leading of God to start selling off our business, and possessions, we didn’t even have a calling from the Lord or a reason why God wanted us to do these things!  But God, who blesses those who obey without a reason why, blessed us a few months later with a strong calling from the Lord for Haiti. 

God oftentimes calls us to get rid of the “nets” (nets in the case of the disciples) or the things of our previous work to pave the way for the new, like in Proverbs 27:25, “When the hay is removed and new growth appears.”  This was coming about and had become very clear to our hearts. 

During this time of “calling”, God was daily giving insights into what He was wanting to do in Haiti and how He planned on doing what He had called us to. 

We are very excited to be serving in an area south of Pignon Haiti.  Now we find ourselves having a great team of people coming around us to join us in the mission to the lost in Haiti. 

Along with ministering to the lost, we have planted a church in Tinot, Haiti. This is where we also have a mission center to join with Adonai Gospel Church to disciple new believers. 

We are a very busy family, and work closely with many pastors in Haiti to accomplish the work God has called us to do! Thanks for getting to know us! We work with a great board of directors who help us with leadership and direction.